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My Alarm System (End Users)
With Paradox Reporting Devices you can monitor, arm/disarm your system from an internet Web page, as well as receive e-mail notifications of important system events (e.g. alarms). This provides the freedom to access your system from anywhere in the world. Your system’s IP address is replaced by a Site ID, which can be something simple for you to remember (e.g. John house). Enter your Site ID in space provided at left to access your system’s web page.

What is ParadoxMyHome? (Dealers)
ParadoxMyHome is a Domain Name System (DNS) service that enables the user/dealer to remotely access a Paradox Reporting Device (e.g. IP100) connected to an Internet Service Provider that uses dynamic IP addresses. A dynamic IP address is assigned automatically, and can change on a regular basis. ParadoxMyHome keeps track of these changes and will associate it to a Site ID (e.g. John house).

Logging in to ParadoxMyHome also gives access to its IP Management Tools where you can: View status, edit information, temporarily deactivate an IP installation, view history of modifications, delete and restore IP installations, manage e-mail notifications, and manually register a module.

To use this service, the dealer must perform the following:

1) Create a Login for our DNS service (this Web page).
2) Each time you register a Paradox Reporting Device (e.g. IP100) using IP Exploring Tools, it will request the e-mail address and password that was created in step 1.